Signature Series

// logo design

Signature Series is the John Hancock twist on TED talks for employees, by employees – featuring their big ideas, personal experiences and unique perspectives. Employees will have a chance to apply and be selected to share their story on stage at a special employee event. Selected employees will be professionally coached by TED to express their idea in the highly recognizable, inspiring TED format.

My challenge was to create a logo mark that wasn’t a cliche pen or quill that is so often used along side something as old as John Hancock. So I looked to more current signature elements, which was the “X” with the line to the right where one’s signature should be placed. The tagline “Make Your Mark” fits perfectly to the left of the “X” which is also reminiscent of those sticky tab indicators where signatures are needed on documents.


Tony Capozzi – art direction, design
Natasha O’Rourkecopy
Marva LeBrun – production