A Bygone Generation

I have always gravitated to elements of nostalgia, and cherish an extraordinary belief in the suspicion my soul hails from the turn of the 20th century; striving to master the meticulous methods of the historic craftsman.

Sitting in a museum gallery full of the masters, John Singer Sargent being my absolute favorite, radiates a warmth of belonging. They possess a level of proficency and work ethic that is unsurpassed by most. I love referencing the past while interpreting it into something that feels current gives art & design the authenticity. Authenticity is the greatest character trait I admire, in these amazing works and especially in people.

We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.

Conversation with fellow artists & designers, about art, their styles & secrets are life’s most gratifying exchanges. Art can better our lives and those around us every single day. Whether it’s a simple pencil sketch or an emotionally charged painting rich with symbolism, there is an opportunity to impact everyone. An art community full of such influences is absolutely essential.
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Multiple Disciplines

Embracing the uncomfortable and unknown is where we can  add to our creative intelligence and vocabulary. Experimenting with new art techniques and styles consume my days. Being an “Master” of them all is paramount for survival as a creative director and designer. Constantly expanding the knowledge of the software tools used in our trade keeps me as sharp as anyone in the field.

Having worked at several types of agencies; traditional advertising, interactive/digital, and in-house, I understand creative landscapes of any client in multiple channels and industries. My evolution as a creative director is directly accredited to having the mindset of an artist. An artist brings problem solving versatility while sharing fresh and welcomed perspectives.

Revered Works


A Patch of Blue • Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead • Double Indemnity • Isle of Dogs • Marty • No Country For Old Men • Rebecca • Sweeny Todd • The Grand Budapest Hotel • There Will Be Blood



Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
Resurrection by Leo Tolstoy
The Greater Journey by David McCullough
The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, Theodore Rex,
Colonel Roosevelt, by Edmund Morris
Titan by Ron Chernow



Beastie Boys • Foo Fighters • Fiona Apple • Gorillaz • Jay-Z • Pavarotti • Pearl Jam • Radiohead • Run DMC • The Black Keys • The White Stripes • Tribe Called Quest



El Jaleo by John Singer Sargent
The Death of Marat by Jacques-Louis David
The Fighting Temeraire by J.M.W Turner
The Night Watch by Rembrandt



Eugène Atget • Henri Cartier-Bresson • W. Eugene Smith • Tony Vaccaro • Garry Winogrand



Boston Athenæum • Gamblin Oil Paints • Sailor Fountain Pens • Talisker Single Malt • WW I Archives


Black & whites of some of my favorite people and memories.