Express Your Thanks

// digital campaign

For almost a century, Bank of America has devoted broad resources to helping those who serve—with everything from money advice and special military loans, to home donations and financial help. But mention “B of A” and “military” in the same sentence? Most folks think of foreclosures and wrongdoing.

Millions of engagements. Tens of thousands of “likes.” Positive sentiments beyond the brand had ever measured before. By campaign’s end, more than one million people uploaded their text messages, tweets, photos and video messages of thanks to service men and women—triggering $1 million in donations to the Wounded Warrior Project and Welcome Back Veterans.

We convinced seven billion people to upload their message of thanks to the troops—and were declared (by Advertising Age, Forbes, TIME, and China Daily) to have created “the greatest campaign in the history of anything, ever, ever.”


Tony Capozzi – creative direction
Mike Eaton – design